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zbyszek about Maslanka » moi przybrani synowie mają na imię Patryk i Dawid Maślanka.pozdrawiam

Daniel Nunez Meran about Camaney » Existe un joven y talentoso DJ en Republica Dominicana que lleva por nombre Kamaney.Buscar en Facebook.

Anonymous about Mataev » The definition of "Mataev" Is "Run away jews". Mata (Mateyetzi) = Run Ev (Yev) = Jews

AIda about Yai » según otras webs Yai es de origen Tailandes y significa grande

josefa about Drevland » No se mucho pero el nombre es muy raro

Onyemaechi about Onyemaechi » Loosely translated: "who knows tomorrow?"

Tyamello about Elkholy » Ramapo HS. Franklin lakes

Feeling about Guzik » It means button.

Tore Brynaa about Weibrecht » My great grandmother was a Weibrecht ... The name means "Women's Rights" The name seems to origin around Celle in Germany

sofia about Cruella » Ojalá encuentren luego el significado del nombre

Sima about Simama » C'est un prénom comorien ( Comores )

Hiracheta about Hiracheta » Means chief Indian chief

pitulice marian in spania about Pitulice » where he live in spain

heidi mobius about Mobius » It is a pet form of the name BARTHOLEMEW and that name in turn was Semitic - Bar Talmai, meaning 'son of Talmai'

Jordan J Paust about Paust » Oxford English dictionary has Paust as an old Norse variant of Paus and means authlrity

RAMBOUR about Rambour » vient de la pomme rambour

Nadeesha Godage about Nadeesha » Das leuchtende Auge

Belka Familia about Belka » Gracias por la informacion

BOBOT François about Pareds » Je suis vendéen originaire de Bazoges en Pareds. Ma compagne espagnole m'a donnée le sens du mot "pared" qui est "mur" en espagnol. Bazoges en Pareds est un cite avec donjon et fortifications.

benbouza mekki about Benbouza » le ali bey en 1940 il s este refuge dans les aures il a achete les monts(djebels) bouza avec des pieces en or pour avoir ce nom benbouza benbouza

bucara balde about Bubacar » mandame como es poralla

Forrest Schaeffer about Schaeffer » Schaeffer does not mean Shepard. That would be Schaefer. The surname Schaeffer is derived from schafferre, or steward/Manager of the household. A small, but very important, distinction.

RADOGNA Raphael about Radogna » Ancienne famille originaire d’Espagne qui changea son nom d’ORDOGNO en RODOGNO et ensuite en RADOGNA par influence des dialectes du sud d’Italie. Benedetto ORDOGNO, connu général du roi Carlos V et Baron du royaume de Naples, fut le premier à venir en Italie. Il déménagea avec sa famille à Milan. En 1657, il eut le titre de Comte de Vialate et de Marquis de Castelleone.

Foof about Foof » Foof means a pope or a teacher

Lori about Naputi » I was told that the origin is Spain. It's a mixture of Chamorro and Spanish. Chamorro is people of Guam. I been told by my chamorro dad and grandpa that Naputi means "I'm gong to fight you"

Nitin Sirsat about Shirsat » Actually my surname was Shirsat but now its Sirsat, We Changed our name to this name (Sirsat), and there other people who changes their surname Shirsat To Sirsat.

Vincenzo Vigna about Vigna » I live in Italy, Sicily.

Mike about Bonine » Name is from Italy

apellido chimbi about Chimbi » que significa

Dirk Oliver Schwarzrock about Schwarzrock » An kalten Orten, wärmt Schwarz so gut!

Yamile about Neldy » Porta que significa

Baylocq about Baylocq » La signification est Demon de minuit

ankour about Ankour » Il me semble qu en berbère ankour veut dire debout ekker.reveille toi

sebhat about Sebhat » The origin of this name is Ethiopia, it's from the anccent language of Ge'ez, and it's biblical name. The full name is usually Sebatleabb, and it means, praise to the father.

Max Dine about Dine » Vivons en Lorraine (Meuse) depuis 4 générations

Adrian about Yandy » En Colombia hay muchas personas con ese apellido.

krystal about Wayangankar » Yeah, so the surname Wayangankar: is the surname of the Indian Telivision acteress Tejasswi Prakash and she was born in Saudi Arabia and she lives in India

Francis Barriol about Barriol » Dérivé de BARRI, Nom du midi qui signifie "au dehors de la cité" Ce nom a d'abord désigné REMPART puis par extension FAUBOURG soit l'habitant du faubourg.(BARRIOS en Espagne)

Siegfried Uibel about Uibel » Die richtige Schreibweise von "Uibel" ist eigentlich Übel oder Uebel. Im 18. Jahrhundert n.Chr. wurde ü ode ue gerne in ui verwandelt; eine reine Modeerscheinung, die aber in den Namen fortlebt. In Deutscland gibt es jedoch zahlreiche Namensträger, die auch heute noch die Umlaute ü oder ue verwenden.

Stefan Battschinger about Battschinger » There are some more details known! You can contact me. email:

Carolina about Aluna » Aluna es un término que utilizan los indios koguis de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta en Colombia, para referirse al mundo de lo no visible o espiritual, del puro pensamiento, de la pura idea. Mito Kogui de la creación: "Primero estaba el mar. Todo estaba oscuro. No había sol, ni luna, ni gente, ni animales, ni plantas. Solo el mar estaba en todas partes. El mar era la madre. Ella era agua, era río, laguna, quebrada y mar. Así, primero sólo estaba la madre. La madre no era gente, ni nada, ni cosa alguna. Ella era Aluna. Ella era espíritu de lo que iba a venir y ella era pensamiento y memoria. Así la madre existió sólo en Aluna, en el mundo más abajo, sola."

Marlek about Marlek » Gostaria de saber tudo sobre meu nome

KANGO about Kango » Sens littéraire au nord Togo : arracher l'aubergine pour semer du piment. Symboliquement ce nom renvoie à une personne DUR, voire piquant, méchant en analogie avec le piment

Ialovitchi about Ediagbonya » Bukowina Gura Humorului

Max Siller about Siller » The name SILLER is originating from the river SILL in Tirol, Austria. Greetings to all Sillers of the world & best wishes for 2017, Max Siller, Innsbruck

Basera about Basera » Ich bin in Deutschland geboren aber meine Eltern kommen aus marokko

Mario Reithofer about Reithofer » This is where my name came from: "Reith" means the area between two low mountain peaks "Hof" is a farmhouse "Reithofer" = the people from the farmhouse from the place between the two peaks this farm of my ancestors is located in district lower austria

eleonore mitlacher about Mitlacher » angeblich sol der name aus tirol stammen, Ritter just von der mittleren aache

Mahongo about Mahongo » From angola

Sellgren about Sellgren » sälja or earlier selg for 'willow' and 'gren' for branch; willow(tree) branch. Add a 2nd 'l' and drop one 'g' to get this variation of spelling.

natalia about Demily » No sabia q ya existia hace 7años nombre a mi hija Demily soy de costa rica

Madelenie Hugele about Hugele » I have been told that this name means in french- little hill

Maina Maringa about Maringa » The name is predominant amongst the Mbere and Agikuyu people of Kirinyaga, both in Kenya. It means, "shares", and relates to traditional times where the results of hunting and/or gathering would be shared, amongst people.

Yuber about Yuber » Ola st nombre me gusta muxo agradesco a mis padres k me pusiero est nombre

amb about Dalecky » "Dal" en tchèque signifie "loin". Dalecky = celui qui vient de loin; le lointain?

Sue Lozynskyj about Lozynsky » I was told it means Farmer of Vines in ukrainian.

GENEVAY MARCEL about Genevay » Les genevays du canton de Vaud en Suisse sont arrivés dans le pays de Vaud au XVIIème suite à l'Edit de Nantes.

daniel mbuta about Mbuta » Je suis tres content d avoir ce nom

Alice Reidel about Reidel » I am a daughter of Anton Reidel who was born in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. I live in Cannada. Are there more people with the name Reidel in Canada?

Celinda Kerbs about Kerbs » Kerbs comes from Old German "Craft" meaning strong and courageous. Many medieval knights took on Kerbs as a first name because it denoted strength.

DORA SUANY CARMONA FLOREZ about Suany » Quiero saber más sobre el origen de mi nombre

annarella about Anarella » feliz navidad a todos

deiker about Deiker » Mi nombre es Deiker vivo en Venezuela

Schahl about Ruhlmann » The origin of this family is in Hungary. The last birth there was 1430. The name became Ruhlmann when they arrived in Alsace. Former it may be Ruhel

sulmon alain about Sulmon » L'origine du nom sulmon est simple et toponymique : (qui vit)sur-le-mont, ce qui a donné surmont, desurmont, sulmont et sulmon (sans le t).

Othar about Othar » Procede dela la Zona de Bayona-Francia, Ilharre, Saint Etienne de Baigorry,etc. Sus variantes: Otar, Othart,Otxar



JULIO SILVA SAJURIA about Sahurie » Hola quisiera saber si pertenece al pueblo de bet sahour o bet sahur y si es unn apellido hibrido vale decir judio palestino o netamente palestino.

Husam Wazayfi about Husam » Husam means SWORD. Full name version is Husamuddin .

Quirantes about Quirantes » Quirantes surname comes from the Southeast of Spain, region of La Alpujarra, Granada and Almeria provinces. Its distribution in America was likely caused by emigration in the early twentieth century; in France by emigrations after the Spanish civil war; it spread through Spain by internal migrations occurred in the 1950-1970 years.

Jason blacker about Blacker » The name comes from inkers and scribes, also their is an author called Jason blacker.

Ekin about Ekin » Ekin also means "culture" in Turkish.

kamila about Pomonti » y el apellido es pomontt

Hansdieter Vergin about Virgin » Ich wünsche allen meinen Namensvettern, also denen, die Virgin oder Vergin heißen, einen gesegneten Geburtstag, ihres Stammvaters Jesus Christus! Auch bedanke ich mich, bei allen Menschen, die diesen Geburtstag, meines, unseres, Stammvaters, weltweit, mitfeiern. Danke! Mit freundlichem Gruß Hansdieter Vergin Autor und Spiritus Rector des: "Binismus"

N Phidd about Phidd » Phidd is believed to be the Anglicized version of the Scottish name Fiddes. The name was often misspelled in marriage, birth and death records. The belief is that if the individual recording names had a British background they would have used "ph" rather than "f".

Cheryl Trewin about Trewin » I believe Trewin means "White farm".

Adalbert Zwirchmayr about Zwirchmayr » Zwirch ist der Name für das Schutzwams unter der Ritterrüstung und Mayr steht für eine Maierei was einen großen Bauernhof bedeutet, an dem Flachs oder Hanf für die Herstellung angebaut wurde

Dora Marina Escobar Horney about Horney » Saber signicado en español de apellido Horney de origen aleman

Omar Yepiz about Yepiz » Mis antepasados son de yawui en cd Obregón y llegaron por barco a Guaymas provenients de Europa